The PANELBuilder system from AXYZ International is a world leading CNC routing solution designed specifically for the aluminum composite (ACM) market. By combining an advanced, easy to use software solution with a custom machine design, it is possible to process ACM materials faster, more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before.

With the AXYZ PANELBuilder system you will be able to design, nest and program machine panels in one seamless operation.

The PANELBuilder system is the leading fabrication system for Aluminum Composite and Metal Composite Materials, developed from over 20 years of experience in providing solutions for the ACM and MCM cladding industry. The solution comprises both software and hardware which work seamlessly together for fast and efficient production.

Panelbuilder Overview


Designed to significantly reduce the programming time required to create large quantities of standard panels. A parametric library allows panels to be created quickly and easily. Powerful nesting algorithms help to optimize material utilization. Machine programs are automatically created to suit your specific AXYZ router.

One Process - One Solution

Parametric Templates

A library of standard panel templates can be created using the built in 2D CAD system. Multiple copies of these panels can then be created with any desired dimensions with just a few mouse clicks.

Auto Panel Creation

This is a huge timesaver on large projects and allows hundreds or even thousands of panels to be created in seconds by importing data such as dimensions, material type and grain direction from a spreadsheet.

Batch Import

If you have a lot of panel designs supplied by a customer or created in other CAD systems these can be easily imported either individually or as a batch of files in industry standard DXF and DWG formats.

Material Optimization

PANELBuilder contains a sophisticated nesting algorithm which can save an enormous amount of time and significantly reduce waste. The nesting process allows full control of settings such as panel orientation.

Machine Programming

Creating the NC programs for the AXYZ PANELBuilder router couldn't be easier. Whatever your machine configuration, the programs are automatically generated ready for downloading to the machine and cutting.


Automatic label generation makes it easy to identify and keep track of manufactured panels at later assembly and finishing stages.

Machine Specifications

The PANELBuilder CNC Routers from AXYZ International are designed specifically for processing large volumes of ACM and MCM sheets in the fastest and most efficient way possible. The machine itself can be configured to suit your exact needs. Process areas can be selected from 60" (1,524mm) x 120" (3,048mm) to a massive 85" (2,159mm) x 478" (12,129mm) or even longer in increments of 24" (600mm), allowing one or more standard size sheets to be processed at once.

1 Carriage with 3 Spindles
AXYZ 5018 PANELBuilder System

Process Area: 72" x 216" (1,842mm x 5,486mm)

1 Carriage with 2 Spindles
AXYZ 5034 PANELBuilder System

Process Area: 72" x 408" (1,842mm x 10,363mm). Higher throughput can be achieved with a pendulum processing system.

1 Carriage with 2 Spindles and 7, 21 or 33 Station Auto Toolchange
AXYZ 6018 PANELBuilder System

Process Area: 84" x 216" (2,133mm x 5,486mm). Fabricators who also manufacture cladding from high pressure laminates will often require a wider machine.

Machine Configurations

The AXYZ CNC Router can have many different cutting head configurations. These are some of the most popular configurations recommended for panel processing applications. Our experienced technical sales specialists will always advise on what is the most suitable configuration for your exact requirements.

1 Carriage with 3 Spindles
3 Cutting Heads

Three router spindles mounted on a single carriage to allow processing of jobs requiring up to 3 tools with no downtime for tool changing.

1 Carriage with 2 Spindles
2 Cutting Heads

Two router spindles which can be fitted with different tools for use on the same job. There is therefore no delay when changing tools.

1 Carriage with 2 Spindles and 7, 21 or 33 Station Auto Toolchange
2 Cutting Heads with ATC

A single 5Hp ELTE spindle mounted adjacent to a 10Hp HSD spindle which works with the Automatic Tool Changer.

Machine Features

Auto Tool Calibration

All PANELBuilder machines include an automatic tool length sensor. This is extremely useful for multi tool machines by providing an easy to use and highly accurate method of setting tool bit heights at the press of a button.

Pop Up Pins
Pop Up Pins

The optional Pop Up Pins are pneumatically activated to allow fast, repeatable placement of your cutting materials on the machine. Pop up pins can be fitted in both front and rear locations for pendulum processing operation.

High Capacity PF
High Capacity Pressure Foot

The High Capacity chip extraction foot is a vital component of your AXYZ CNC Router. The pressure foot is specially designed for optimal chip extraction as well as assisting with material stability for high quality of cut.

Panel Printer
Panel Printer

The optional PanelPrinter offers the fastest and most reliable way of printing pre-defined data onto cut panels, reducing the possibility of human error and wasted materials.

Vacuum Deck
Vacuum Deck

This innovative design allows zoned areas of the surface to be opened or closed to vacuum hold down as needed. The deck system is also functional as a t-slot clamping and fixturing bed for non-vacuum hold down situations.

High Capacity PF
Spray Mister

An optional automatic spray mister unit which can be used to apply lubricant and coolant when required for processing certain materials, eg: solid aluminum sheet.

Project Examples

The AXYZ PANELBuilder System is used by fabricators throughout the world.

Maximize Productivity

The most efficient way to manufacture panels is to keep the machine cutting at all times. This is easily achieved using the PANELBuilder Pendulum Processing feature. This allows the machine bed to be split into 2 virtual zones so that a sheet can be processed on one zone while the operator removes the parts and waste from the other zone and a new sheet loaded ready to be cut.

Panelbuilder productivity


The PANELBuilder solution is designed to process all types of composite sheets materials such as Alucobond (3A Composites), Alpolic (Mitsubishi Chemical), Reynobond (Alcoa) and others. Specialist AXYZ Application Engineers have sourced a range of cutting tools suitable for use on all of these materials which provide superior cutting performance at cost effective prices. These experts are always available to provide help and assistance if needed.

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